Biodegradable Yulex Rubber

Is Yulex Biodegradable?

Yulex is the brand name for a variety of biomaterial rubber products made from Guayule. Yulex is used in the construction of a neoprene substitute for wetsuits and other rubber products.

Yulex produce several rubber biomaterials out of Guayule and all of them are biodegradable.

Is Yulex Natural Rubber Emulsion Biodegradable?

Yes, Yulex purified and refined natural rubber will biodegrade in its raw form.

Are Yulex Prime and Yulex Pure Natural Rubber Solid Biodegradable?

Yes, the primary polymer in this material will biodegrade naturally.

Are Yulex Closed and Open Cell Foams Biodegradable?

Yes, the polymers used in these materials are biodegradable.

Is Yulex Sustainable and Eco Friendly?

Yes, each Yulex product is produced entirely from sustainably grown rubber from trees known as Hevea Brasiliensis. Yulex also produce Guayule rubber which can be grown in North America. This form of natural rubber is better for the environment than synthetic petroleum rubber.

Neoprene production is very harmful to the environment due to the energy required to produce it. Usually, all neoprene foams are petroleum or limestone based. This energy intensive, non-renewable synthetic rubber is a major contributor to climate change.

Yulex Pure is a plant-based neoprene replacement that reduces the carbon footprint of rubber production. This closed cell foam made with natural rubber is the first entirely organic replacement for common petroleum derived neoprene.

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