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Is Water Biodegradable?

Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface and is the most vital substance on the planet for humans, animals and plants. But does water biodegrade, and if not, where does it go?

What is Water?

Water is a chemical compound that consists of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It is found in oceans, rivers and lakes and also falls to earth in the form of rain.

Water takes the form of a liquid in normal temperatures but becomes solid at 0 degrees Celsius and a gas at 100 degrees Celsius.

As well as a complete drink in its base form, water is also the main component of everything we drink including tea, coffee, carbonated beverages such as cola and even alcohol.

Is Water Biodegradable?

No, water does not biodegrade. Water is already in its base form and cannot be broken down further through decomposition.

Instead, water eventually evaporates into the atmosphere. If you ever see an open container of water disappearing, it is because the water is slowly evaporating.


Although not biodegradable, water is the one of the safest and least harmful substances on the planet and one that our environment and eco system couldn’t survive without.

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