Mum & You Nappies

Are Mum And You Nappies Biodegradable?

Mum and You are a sustainable baby brand who produce environmentally friendly nappies and wet wipes. Their focus is on making products that are eco-friendly, sustainable for the planet and kind to babies.

Are Mum and You Nappychat Nappies Biodegradable?

Yes, Mum and You nappies are made from chlorine-free bleached wood pulp which has been sourced from a sustainable forest. This means that the core of each nappy is 100% biodegradable and will decompose over time.

No glue, latex or strong chemicals are used in each nappies construction and they also make sure no perfume or lotion is used within their baby nappies. This means that each nappy is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

The outer packaging is made from 100% recyclable renewable sugarcane and they also make sure they use as little packaging as possible to keep their overall material demand low.

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